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By Bexley Dermatology
August 14, 2019
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Learn more about the different kinds of endodontic surgery and when they are necessary.

Having to undergo surgery might not be the happiest news you’ve heard all week but sometimes endodontic surgery is necessary if there Dentistare certain issues or symptoms that can’t be treated with nonsurgical methods. Luckily, our Washington DC endodontists Dr. Delany, Dr. Moiseiwitsch, and Dr. Latifi have performed countless surgeries and knows how to provide a gentle, comfortable treatment and environment to put our patients at ease in the dentist’s chair.


What is an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist that specializes in treating conditions and problems that affect the inner workings of a tooth (more specifically, the dental pulp). The pulp is soft tissue that runs from the tip of the tooth to the roots. When the pulp is inflamed or infected our endodontic specialists here in Washington DC will recommend undergoing surgery.


What are the different types of endodontist surgery?

The most common dental procedure that an endodontist performs is root canal therapy to treat an infected or inflamed dental pulp and to preserve the natural tooth structure to prevent the need for an extraction. Getting a root canal could actually save the tooth.

Another common procedure is an apicoectomy, also referred to as a root-end resection. This procedure is necessary if there is inflammation or infection that surrounds the bony regions at the end of the tooth even after a root canal has been performed. Before performing a root canal or apicoectomy, our dentists will numb the area first with local anesthesia.

While these are the two most common types of endodontic surgery an endodontist can also repair an injured tooth root, remove one or more roots (referred to as root amputation), and perform an intentional reimplantation (in which the tooth is extracted, treated with root canal therapy and then placed back into the socket). All of these procedures are designed to preserve your natural tooth and to prevent it from needing to be pulled.

If you are dealing with a toothache or other warning signs that you need a root canal, it’s important that you have an endodontist in Washington DC that you can turn to for an immediate and thorough evaluation. The sooner we are able to treat the problem the better. Call DC Endodontics right away if you notice any changes in your oral health.

By Bexley Dermatology
August 14, 2019
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Your facial appearance speaks volumes about your personality and inner self. Or, does it? At Bexley Dermatology, Dr. Jill Fichtel and Dr. wrinklesMatthew Zirwas understand that skin wrinkling associated with sun exposure and the aging process change how the world perceives you. Look younger, feel refreshed and present the real you with wrinkle removal treatments at our Bexley office.


Time changes everything

The effects of aging and sun exposure don't benefit how you look, feel about yourself or impress the world around you. Fine lines and wrinkles, deep lines across your forehead and between your nose and mouth and even common "crow's feet" affect your confidence. Yet, invasive surgical cosmetic procedures, such as a face, brow, or eyelid lift, don't appeal to you.


Less invasive alternatives which work

At Bexley Dermatology, your dermatologists offer innovative dermal fillers such as Restalyne, Juvederm, and Sculptra injectables and BOTOX Cosmetic to change the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles which impact people's confidence. You, too, can experience wrinkle removal with at this highly-acclaimed dermatology office in Bexley.

Each treatment is fully cleared by your dermatologist as they review your aesthetic skin goals and medical history and does an in-office facial examination. Based on their findings, they recommend one or more treatments to refresh skin appearance without significant downtime, side effects, or discomfort.

Both Restalyne and Juvederm are forms of hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of your skin. Injected into the epidermis, these medications fill in the lines and wrinkles characteristic of aging and sun exposure. They cause little to no discomfort and only mild local effects such as redness and tenderness. Injections are repeatable as needed.

Sculptra injectables are dermal fillers composed of naturally-occurring lactic acid. They also cause no appreciable downtime and are quick and painless. Sculptra fills deep facial lines such as those between the nose and mouth.

Finally, BOTOX Cosmetic is a highly sought-after cosmetic skin treatment. Made of a highly purified botulism toxin, this FDA-approved medication suppresses the action of selected facial muscles. With limited muscular movement comes limited wrinkling. BOTOX is most effective on healthy adults under the age of 65, causes no downtime and may be repeated every few months as needed.


Find your best look

You can with a skin consultation with Dr. Jill Fichtel and Dr. Matthew Zirwas at Bexley Dermatology in Bexley, OH. Call the office today to arrange an appointment to learn your options for wrinkle removal. Call (614) 947-1716.

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